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Division 1

Week 18
11 Aug 2022
Dyke v Queens
Hove A v Dyke A
Preston Park v Saltdean
Queens A v Hove
Saltdean A v King Alfred

Division 2

Week 18
10 Aug 2022
Blakers v Hove C
Dyke C v bye
Hove B v Dyke B
King Alfred A v Queens C
Queens B v Preston Park A

Division 3

Week 18
09 Aug 2022
Dyke E v Blakers A
Hove E v Preston Park B
King Alfred B v Hove D
Preston Park C v Saltdean B
Queens D v Dyke D

Division 4

Week 18
09 Aug 2022
Hollingbury v King Alfred C
Hove F v Saltdean D
Park Avenue v St Ann's
Saltdean C v Hollingbury A
St Ann's A v Queens E
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Play Parks League tennis, Brighton & Hove’s most popular local tennis competition. The Brighton & Hove Parks Lawn Tennis Association (BHPLTA) operates the Parks League, which runs every summer from April to August. The league features 12 parks clubs, 40 teams and 650 players competing across four divisions. Find a team here! The BHPLTA also hosts the citywide Parks Cup competition, with a finals day held at the end of July. “The Parks League is about sport for everyone – community tennis at its best”


Parks Cup 2022: Results

The 2022 Parks Cup finals day took place at Queens Park TennisClub, BN2 0BQ, on Saturday 16 July from 1-6pm. Parks Cup Finals Day 16 July 2022 Ladies SinglesLeonie Rudolff (Dyke) def Lucy Chadburn (Hove) 6-1, 2-6, [10-8][Leonie won the …
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