New Fixtures, New Database

The fixtures for the 2019 Parks League, including Divisions 1, 2, 3 & 4, are now available online via the Brighton & Hove Parks League website.

Many thanks to Mick Cox for patiently figuring out a workable fixtures programme for the forthcoming tennis season.

Thanks also to webmaster Russell Hill, who has successfully created and tested a tailor-made Parks League results database.

“Russell has done a fantastic job on the new database. We may be one of the oldest city leagues in the country, but we’re ready to embrace new technology that best serves our 650 Parks League players,” said Conrad Brunner, responsible for BHPLTA communications.

Russell explains: “The new database has been configured so that fixtures and results now link Home team vs Away team..  This gives us the flexibility to display fixtures and results in several ways.  On the home page you will see the next upcoming fixture for each division.  On the fixtures page you will see all remaining fixtures for the current season so that you don’t have to scroll through past fixtures to see what events are coming up.

“The home team for each fixture now links to that team’s BHPLTA page where you will find contact details for the club and a map.

“The results page will now have two views – a fixture table, showing results for team vs team and a points table, so that you can easily see how many points a team scored on a particular week.”

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