St Ann’s Well Revival

The BHPLTA is hoping to bring Parks League tennis back to St Ann’s Well Gardens by inviting them to form a team for the 2020 Parks League season.

St Ann’s dropped out of the Parks League (4th Division) in 2019 after struggling with numbers, with the result that there are presently only nine teams in the bottom division.

St Ann’s Well Gardens Tennis Club: New Players Wanted

“There are bigger clubs which can put together a sixth or a seventh team, but the preference of the BHPLTA is to spread participation among as many clubs as possible,” said BHPLTA’s Mick Cox.

“We’d love to see Parks League tennis returning to St Ann’s.”

Conrad Brunner (BHPLTA communications) is planning a schedule of events to reach out to local players in the St Ann’s area.

“St Ann’s Well is a fantastic park and tennis facility, among the finest in the city, and they really should be able to enter at least one team in Brighton & Hove’s most popular tennis competition.”

Eight lovely courts in BN1: St Ann’s Well Gardens Tennis Club

“We know there is great competition for places at clubs like Hove, Dyke and Queens Park. Maybe players should consider lending their services to St Ann’s Well as they try to revive their Parks League presence.”

“This could fail. St Ann’s might struggle to come up with enough players. But there is an exciting opportunity here, and we should seize it. In 10 years time, St Ann’s could be pressing for the Division 1 title.”

BLAGSS, which enters two Parks League teams, presently plays its home fixtures at St Ann’s.

If you’re interested in helping, or of representing St Ann’s Well Gardens in 2020, please get in touch. See their BHPLTA webpage for details. Click here.