Parks League 2020 Suspended

The Brighton & Hove Parks LTA regrets to announce that the 2020 Parks League season, due to start Tuesday 14 April, will be postponed.

All matches and fixtures for the 2020 season are suspended until further notice.

The 2020 Parks Cup, the BHPLTA’s annual knock out tennis competition, is also suspended.

BHPLTA will continue to monitor the situation, and to explore options for hosting a shortened or compressed 2020 competition if circumstances allow, and with the agreement of all clubs.

Tournament director Mick Cox says: “This is a momentous decision – the first time our competition has not gone ahead since 1945. We’ve had a few bumps over the decades, but nothing quite like this. We do not know how long lockdown/restrictions/convid-19 will last but it will obviously be for quite a time yet.”

“I don’t think there is any chance of having a ‘competitive’ season this year. A lot depends on how many players join their respective clubs this summer, and we know that – understandably – numbers are down.”

“We will look again at the situation in May. I hope that, at the very least, the End of Season club competition will take place in September 2020 as planned. But we’ll have to see.”

BHPLTA’s Conrad Brunner says: “This was coming, but last night’s directive from the government to close all public tennis courts rather made our decision for us. Until yesterday, recreational tennis was allowed and even encouraged where social distancing was responsibly applied. But the position has now changed, and today parks courts are closing all over Sussex. Clearly, the 2020 Parks League season cannot go ahead in these circumstances, which is hugely disappointing.”

Tennis Sussex has already suspended its winter and summer county leagues.

The BHPLTA would like to wish best of health to all our players and their families. Follow the government directions. Wash your hands, don’t go out, and take care, because the Parks League will be back, and stronger than ever.

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