Parks Cup: Roll Of Honour

It took a while, but we have finally compiled a list of all Parks Cup winners dating back to the inaugural events in 1930. The entire archive is now available to read on the BHPLTA website.

That’s nearly a century of tennis achievement, told in a list of names stretching back generations. Many thanks to BHPLTA’s Lyn Paterson and Mike Jenner, both multiple Parks Cup champions, for their hard work in compiling this comprehensive list. They used ancient engravings and local knowledge, some of it first hand, to compile the full Roll Of Honour, marking nine decades of tennis competition in Brighton & Hove.

Any relation? Please contact us if you have any corrections (name spellings), details, stories or photos about our past winners.

The list of champions – especially the doubles – tells many a story of local courtships, marriages and parenthood. Engraved on each trophy you can find couples, friends, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, and fathers and sons, who make the list of champions going back 92 years.

Parks Cup: Ladies Singles champions

Parks Cup: Ladies Doubles champions

Parks Cup: Mens Singles champions

Parks Cup: Mens Doubles champions

Parks Cup: Mixed Doubles champions

PARKS CUP FINALS DAY 1969: Lyn Paterson, centre, holding the Ladies Singles title and the Mixed Doubles title, which she won with her father, left. Mike Jenner is on the right.