2024 Parks Cup competitions

Parks Cup 2023. Photo: Neil Stoddart

The Parks Cup competitions are knock-out tournaments for singles and doubles. All participate must be registered BHPLTA Parks League players.

2024 Finals Day: from 1pm Saturday 20 July at Queens Park Tennis Club, with Sunday 21 July as a fall back day (as was required last year). All entrants must be available for both Saturday & Sunday dates. Doubles: all players much register online as a pair. Individual entries not accepted.

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The tournament director this year will be John Thrussell of Hove Park. Contact: parkscup@bhplta.co.uk
Competition Referee – Lyn Paterson

These are the Cup Competitions you can enter. Closing date for all entries is Mon 22 April:
Men’s Singles
Ladies Singles
Mens Doubles
Ladies Doubles
Mixed Doubles
Veteran Mixed Doubles (55 or over on 31/12/24)

Match Entry is £4 fee per player per tournament.

There will be a limit of 64 entries for each draw, (cutoff based on date submitted).There may also be a Plate competition for the men’s singles for players who lose their first match played in that tournament (eg in round 1, or round 2 if you had a bye in round 1).

First round deadline [Round of 64]: Sunday 26 May [21 days]
Second round deadline [32]: Sunday 09 June [14 days]
Third round deadline [16] Sunday 23 June [14 days]
Fourth round deadline [Quarter Finals] Sunday 07 July [14 days]
Fifth round deadline [Semi Finals] Tuesday 16 July: [9 days]
Finals Day: Saturday 20 July [Sunday 21 reserve day] from 1pm

By entering this competition online, players agree the following:
1) they are available on both the Finals days 20th and 21st July 2024
2) they have read the rules for the cup competitions, especially eligibility – https://www.bhplta.co.uk/about-us/bhplta-rules/ from page 12 onwards
3) they have already submitted their registration to play matches for one of the parks league clubs.
4) their contact details can be used for the purposes of running the Cup Competitions (including via WhatsApp – will be used for submitting the results) – This includes your Doubles partner if applying as a pair. WhatsApp details will be sent once your entry has been confirmed

Important: No extentions to the deadlines for each round are permitted. If entering multiple tournaments please ensure you can complete all required matches before the deadlines.

Reporting results: winners of each tie are responsible for reporting their Cup Competition results promptly. We have set up a dedicated WhatsApp community with groups specifically for reporting and sharing competition match results. Players are invited join the community using the WhatsApp link sent to them and then join the relevant group(s) for their competitions within that.
While WhatsApp is preferred, players can also email results to: parkscup@bhplta.co.uk
When you report scores, please include all relevant details: the competition, the participants (winners first and whether “home/away” as per rule 14), and the set scores, including tie break scores. For example:
“Mens Doubles: Jose Garcia & Bob Smith (home) def Frank Brown & Luis Pistor 6-4, 6-7 (4-7), 6-1”
“Ladies Singles: Josie Grace (away) def Fran Pistor 6-3, 7-6 (7-3)”

Check up on the Cup Competitions rules and regulations here