BHPLTA rules 2017 PDF


1. NAME:
This Association of Clubs shall be known as “Brighton and Hove Parks Lawn Tennis Association.”

To create enthusiasm for the game and endeavour to improve the standard of play among public park players by promoting the following competitions annually:
(a) A League competition for Clubs.
(b) Such other competitions as the Council shall direct

Affiliation shall be open to Clubs whose registered members are “bona fide” players in a park or open space under the jurisdiction of a Local Authority. The affiliation fee and the registration fees shall be such sum as shall be decided at the preceding Annual General Meeting.
Annual subs should be a one off fee inclusive of registrations, club fees and social fees, etc. The fee should be for each team the Club has (i.e. Dyke has 6 teams so 6 x team fees.) The Treasurer should decide the income needed and divide by 40 (or the number of teams in the league) to arrive at each team’s annual fee. For the 2017 season, clubs should pay £20 for each team.
Each club member shall complete a Registration form and shall not be eligible to play in any Association competition until the form has been acknowledged by the League Competition and Registration Secretary by the last Sunday preceding the first week of the league matches. The first half of the season any new player registered and who has had their registrations acknowledged by the League & Registration Secretary, should be allowed to play after that acknowledgement by 8pm Sunday night to play the next week.
A player may transfer from one club to another. Applications shall be made in writing to the League Competition and Registration Secretary by the player and shall be payable by the Secretaries of the two clubs concerned. A further registration fee shall be payable to the Association Treasurer. No transferred player shall be eligible to play in the League matches until re-registered for seven days. No new players or transfers shall be granted after the Sunday before the last 4 weeks of the official season (week 15).
The name of any member leaving a Club owing them money shall be notified to the League & Registration Secretary who will not register them for another Club until he has been notified that the outstanding debt has been settled.
Fees for Parks teams should be paid into the B&H Parks account sort code 30-99-93 a/c

The management of the Association shall be vested in a Council composed of:
(a) The Officers (Vice-Presidents shall be without voting powers)
(b) One delegate appointed by each Club, who shall be the Club Secretary or nominee.
Should the membership of a Club exceed 100, an additional delegate shall be appointed for each additional or less of its membership. The Council shall be fully executive and shall be competent to decide all points. Its decision being final. Seven shall form a quorum.

The officers of the Association shall consist of:
(1) Presidents.
(2) Vice-Presidents.
(3) Secretary.
(4) Treasurer.
(5) Cup Competition Secretary.
(6) League Competition & Registration Secretary.
(7) Ladies’ Match Secretary.
(8) Men’s Match Secretary.
(9) Press Liaison Officer.
(10) The Associations representative on the Council of the Sussex County L.T.A.
(11) Such others as the Council may appoint.
All appointments are honorary and all officers shall hold office for one year but be eligible for re-election.

Competition Committees shall be elected annually by the Council to manage the League and Cup Competitions and any other Competitions as may be directed by the Council.
Each Committee shall consist of two members, together with the appropriate Competitions Secretary. Members may serve on more than one Committee.
The Committees are empowered to decide on any issue, dispute or interpretation in the Rules and Regulations of the Competitions. To deal with complaints regarding the conduct of any members of the Association which may bring the good name of the Association into disrepute, or whose general behaviour and lack of good sportsmanship and good court manners are such that they interfere with the enjoyment of the game of tennis by other members. The appropriate Committee shall have the power to suspend or in extreme cases even request resignation of the member or members concerned if they feel this is the necessary course of action.
Their decision on all matters is final.

(a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of November when the report and statement of accounts made up to the previous 31st October, duly audited by an Auditor elected at the previous Annual General Meeting, shall be presented, officers for the ensuing year elected and any other pertinent business transacted. Six weeks written notice of motion shall be given to the Secretary. (b) A special General Meeting shall be called on the signed requisition of two Clubs or by the Council. It must be held within four weeks of the requisition, but only the special business may be dealt with at such meeting.
(c) In all cases a copy of the detailed Agenda must be sent to Secretaries of affiliated Clubs fourteen days prior to the meeting and in the case of the Annual General Meeting a preliminary notice must be sent four weeks prior to the meeting.
(d) Voting powers at a General Meeting shall be confined to:
(i) Officers of the Association (excluding Vice-Presidents).
(ii) Five delegates from each Club.
The President shall have a casting vote.

Alterations and additions to the Rules and Regulations may be made only at:
(a) An Annual General Meeting. Or (b) A Special General Meeting.

The President and the Treasurer for the time being shall be and are hereby expressly appointed for all intents and purposes trustees and legal owners of the trophies, including the funds, and shall deal with them in accordance with the instructions of the Council. The trophies cannot be won outright by any Club or individual, but shall be held by the Club or individual adjudged to be the winners of a Competition for such time as the Council may decide. All trophies shall be insured by the Association by an “All Risks” Policy.

(a) Only balls that conform to I.T.F. specifications shall be used in all matches. (b) All matches under the auspices of the Association shall be played according to the rules of the L.T.A. and shall be the best of three sets.
The “tie break” system shall operate in any set when the score reaches 6-6. Where there are only 2 courts available for the start of a fixture, then all matches will play a Championship tiebreak to 10 points in the final set. This would apply unless there is mutual agreement to play on additional courts to make up the 4 courts at the start of the fixture.
(c) Any member chosen to play in a representative match shall be
ineligible to play for his/her Club on the same day. All players selected to play in a representative match shall be notified direct by the Men’s Match Secretary or the Ladies’ Match Secretary.

1. The Association shall promote a League competition consisting of three or more divisions. First division matches shall be played on Thursdays. Second division matches on Wednesdays and Third division matches on Tuesdays, except as arranged by the Council.
The number of teams shall be limited to forty. If there are applications over this number, a waiting list shall be kept in order of date application.
Should the number of teams in the 4th division fall to below 7, the Committee is empowered to decide, having promoted and relegated as per rules, to amalgamate the 3rd and 4th Divisions and re-create two divisions of 7 teams in each.
Should the above become impracticable, consideration to disbanding the 4th division would be considered.
2. (a) There shall be promotion and relegation between all divisions. The first two teams in each division except the First shall be promoted automatically to the next higher division and the teams occupying the bottom two positions in each division except the lowest, shall be relegated automatically to the next lower division.
(b) Rule No. 2(a) shall not apply if it would result in more than
two teams from one Club being in the same division. In this case the third team shall be offered the chance of promotion. If they refuse, the learn next to bottom in the highest league shall not be relegated
3. Each team shall be composed of four ladies and four gentlemen. Each match shall consist of four events, viz. one ladies’ doubles, one men’s doubles and two mixed doubles. Each player shall play in one event
When a Club has two teams playing on the same night, the strongest players must play in the higher team, if a match is conceded it must be in the lower team. Any complaint made and upheld by the Committee may result in points being deducted at their discretion.
4. Home and away matches shall be played by each Club against every other Club in the same division on courts situated within the jurisdiction of a Local Authority.
5. Before the commencement of a match, the Captains shall exchange a list of names of the first two pairs, and in the case of mixed doubles, in order of playing strength, in the event of only one pair of mixed doubles being fielded, this will be understood to be designated ‘first mixed’. Where a team concedes the first mixed after the match has started, due to non-appearance of either or both of their nominated players, and this prevents the non-offending team from fielding their strongest pair they shall forfeit the points for both mixed pairs at the discretion of the Captains.
6. Unless weather conditions prevent play, all matches must be played on the arranged date. Defaulters shall be deemed to have forfeited the match.
7. (a) If weather conditions prevent any play on the original date of the fixture, this match may be played at any time up to the 31st August, an extra time extension for completion of matches should be at the discretion of the League & Registration Committee if special circumstances, such as bad weather, are encountered during the season, however, if no result is received by the agreed date, the match will be declared null and void. The home Club must offer the visitors three new dates between the original date and the end of the season. One of these dates must be after the final scheduled match of the official fixture (any week-end dates must bear in mind the County League fixture). These dates must be communicated to the visitors within seven days of the rained-off fixture. The visitors must accept one of these within another seven days. For the postponed matches only, all four events need not be played on one date, but must all be completed within a seven day period.
(b) Once a match has been started and conditions prevent completion of all events on that day, the match must be completed by the original team nominated (see Rule 5) within the next seven days as follows.
(1) Each pair shall offer the opposing pair at least two alternative dates for completion of event.
(2) The event shall be halved by mutual consent or if both pairs do not comply with (I) and dates do not agree.
(3) The event shall be conceded by the opposing pair if one pair does not comply with paragraph (1).
(4) Clubs with two teams in the same division must play any postponed matches between themselves before the completion of the normal fixture list.
8. Both mixed doubles shall start at 6:15 P.M. unless the home Club has notified their opponents otherwise at least four days before the match.
9. If two pairs have not started at 6:30 P.M. through the inability of one of the teams to provide the correct pairs, the Captain of the defaulting team shall be required to re-arrange his pairings so that play can commence, or in default of this, forfeit the event or events. If both teams fail to have the correct pairs present at 6:30 p.m., both Captains shall mutually agree which events can be played with the players available. Second pairs should be available to play at 7:00 P.M. or earlier by mutual consent.
10. A Club shall be credited two points for each event won. In the event of two or more teams securing an equal number of points, the Championship or any promotion or relegation issue shall be decided by subtracting the number of sets lost from the number of sets won during the season. If no result be then reached, the League Competition Committee shall direct a deciding match or matches on a neutral ground on a date acceptable to both Clubs.
II. Any Club playing an unregistered player may have not more than four points deducted from its score at the discretion of the League Competition Committee and any event won in which the unregistered player takes part shall be awarded to the opposing team. In the event of a player participating in a Parks League match after playing for another Club in any Summer Sussex County League or National League match their Club shall forfeit any points gained by them after the date on which they played for the other Club and shall be awarded to the opposing team.
In exceptional circumstances, e.g. a player stating they intend to go to another Club during the season ending 30th September, the League Committee are empowered to take any action they deem necessary to comply with the spirit of the rule. If a parks member plays a County League match after the end of the parks season, they may be banned the following season.
12. The Home team Captain shall send a result card, duly completed and countersigned by the Captain of the visiting team, to reach the League Competition Secretary within 36 hours of completion of the match.
13. All match expenses (travelling expenses excepted) shall be paid by the Home Clubs.
14. Home Clubs shall provide at least eight new official balls for the two matches commencing at 6:15 P.M, and any further courts taken must have a minimum of four balls per court of an acceptable standard to both sides.
15. Umpires shall be provided at the option of the Home Club or at the request of the visiting Club.
16. No player shall be allowed to play in more than one team in any week. No player will be eligible to play for a team if he or she has played more than four matches in a higher team during the second half of the season. In the event of an infringement of this rule, the offending Club may have not more than four points deducted from its score at the discretion of the League Competition Committee and any event won in which an ineligible player takes part shall be awarded to the opposing team.
17. In the event of a complaint arising from any match, no action will be taken unless the nature of the complaint is made in writing to the League & Registration Secretary within 14 days of the event. The Secretary will then notify the offending Club by letter who shall have 14 days to reply. The League & Registration Committee will then meet and adjudicate.

I. There shall be two singles competitions. One for Ladies and one for
Gentlemen. There shall be four doubles competitions. Ladies, men’s, mixed and veterans (mixed).
All competitions shall be arranged on the knockout principle. At the discretion of the Cup Competition Committee there shall be two plate competitions,
one for ladies and one for gentlemen open to entrants in the singles competitions who are defeated in the first two rounds.
2. Only registered members of affiliated Clubs shall be eligible to enter.
All entrants must be available to play on finals day should they reach that stage of the competitions. If any members enter the competition knowing that they would be unable to observe this condition, they may have their entries refused the following season by the Cup Competition Committee. In the doubles competition, entries must be in pairs. No change of partnership in doubles events can be made after the closing date of entries.
3. Entries shall be made on forms provided by the Association and must be accompanied by an entrance fee which shall be decided by the Council.
4. The latest date of entry shall be decided by the Council.
5. Each round must be played by the date appointed by the Cup Competition Committee. Such dates to be decided after the closing date of entries. Matches shall be played on courts under the jurisdiction of a Local Authority. No extension of time will be permitted.
6. Competitors will be notified of the names and addresses of their opponents. In doubles competitions, notifications will be sent to one of the two entrants.
7. Competitors having a choice of ground must:
(i) Communicate with their opponents within three days of receipt of notification, offering at least three suggested dates with times and venues.
(ii) Provide at least four new current year official balls.
(iii) Provide an umpire, except with the opponents consent that umpires shall not be provided.
(iv) Failure to comply with the above will mean the choice of ground is then given to the ‘away’ competitor.
(b) Opponents shall reply within a further three days.
(c) If the home player does not communicate within the stipulated time, the choice of the ground and onus for offering dates will pass to their opponent.
8. Results of matches shall be notified by the winning player(s) to the Cup Competition Secretary on the card provided. It must be countersigned by the opponents) , dated, and must reach the Cup Competition Secretary within 36 hours of the completion of the match.
In the case of the singles events the Cup Competition Secretary shall instruct both competitors to notify the result in the first and second round matches.
9. Competitors not conforming to the foregoing regulations shall be
scratched from the competitions. Unless one side shall have given a ‘walkover’, both players, or in the case of a doubles competition, both pairs, shall be scratched in the event of a match being unplayed.
10. Match expenses shall be shared equally by the competitors.
11 .The Cup Competition Committee shall direct the venues of the semi-finals if necessary. On notification by the Cup Competition Secretary, the Clubs using these venues shall be responsible for:
(a) Booking Courts.
(b) Providing umpires.
12. The details of the complete Cup draws shall be forwarded to Club Secretaries by the Cup Competitions Secretary.