Parks League 2021 & AGM

The Brighton & Hove Parks LTA is planning to go ahead with the 2021 edition of the Parks League, dependent on the lifting of government Covid-19 restrictions for tennis.

Specifically, the competition will go ahead provided the playing of competitive doubles fixtures is including within the LTA Covid-19 guidelines, as published here.

This would mean all four divisions of the Parks League starting their fixtures in early April 2021 with the season running through to August, as normal. Again, this is dependent on the playing conditions meeting LTA Covid-19 guidelines.

The BHPLTA will hold its AGM at 7.30pm Monday 15 March, 2021 online (Zoom), and all Parks League team captains are invited to attend. Details of the meeting will be published on this website, and sent to club secretaries.

All team captains are encourage to contact Mick Cox (m.cox907 [at] in advance of that meeting, updating him on their expected participation in 2021.

We Want Photos of You

Help us make a splash for the new Parks League season. We are compiling a photo collage – like the one below, but larger – featuring as many BHPLTA Parks League players as possible.

But we need your help. All you have to do is take a photo of your Parks League team and send it in by the end of Week 1, (April 16, 2019). It can be a team, or two, or just one, whatever.

Just take a photo with your mobile phone (or camera if you have one) then send to, identifying each team (eg. ‘Saltdean B’). Send as many as you like.

Top tip #1: take photos before the match, not after.

We’ll then use your photos to create a large, shareable collage featuring every team from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Divisions. The more the merrier, and we won’t be too precious about photo quality.

Why: This will be a fun and relevant way to get all 11 clubs (and 650+ players) involved and represented ahead the forthcoming season. The Parks League is a great competition – let’s tell everyone about it.

Top Tip #2: Take a team photo in advance, at team practice. It doesn’t really matter where or when, as long as it’s your team. And you can mix As, Bs, Cs etc, or just have pairs.

Top Tip #3: Take a decent number of photos, and edit out the rubbish ones.

Top Tip #4: have as little ‘sky’ in the photo as possible. The images will come out less dark and blobby.

Get snapping. We’ll share the results with everyone.